It's Dancing...

...on a BOAT!

And Amazing DJs

Live Music


And Crafty Time...

A Day in Ensenada

A Day in Ensenada

and We Get Dressed Up!

and We Get Dressed Up!

But the Best Thing Is,

The Friends We Make!

  • A relaxed and social time with so many of my favorite people on a floating hotel that stops where I can get the worlds best tacos and tequila? Yes please. I can dance countless hours to great music as well? I could ask for nothing more.

    Damon Stone
    Damon Stone St. Paul, MN 
  • I’m shore that other events might clam to be great, but Cruisin for a Bluesin is one of the best dance events of the year and knot to be missed! It would take an act of cod to stop me from attending.”  

    Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown Los Angeles, CA 
  • The Blues Cruise isn’t a one-time vacation, it’s a yearly vacation that that my whole family enjoys and we can’t wait to get to the next one (we’ve all been five times)!!

    Shane Karns & the Pants Family
    Shane Karns & the Pants Family Los Angeles, CA
  • There really is an environment of togetherness that you don’t get at other dance events. Its so easy and relaxed! Good food, sunshine, hot tubs, great dancing, great music both live and DJed, and of course fantastically awesome people, My favorite dance event all year!

    Amy Fitzpatrick
    Amy Fitzpatrick Calabasas, CA 
  • Crusin’ for a Blusin’ is hands down, bar none, my favorite dance exchange. You don’t have to drive anywhere. You always get a bed to sleep in. There’s unlimited supply of iced tea and lots of food, even at late night dances. Always great live music and DJs, which you dance to under the stars. And board games during the day? It can’t get any better than this.

    Clyde Wright
    Clyde Wright Washington DC 
  • This was my fourth year on the cruise, and I swear it somehow manages to get even more magical every year. It is the most wonderful, inclusive, hilarious, fabulous group of people, who happen to be kick-ass dancers to boot! It's like the world giving you a giant hug that lasts for the entire weekend.

    Maggie Gierard
    Maggie Gierard San Francisco
  • I always look forward to the cruise every year! The people are awesome and the atmosphere is amazing! If you haven't come yet, you own it to yourself to try it out.

    Troy Thacker
    Troy Thacker SLO
  • This was my first C4aB and probably not my last. I enjoyed the people, music, dancing and games aboard the ship! Very impressed with how smooth everything went and wish all events could be done this well! Thanks to all the coordinators and volunteers along with all the great people who made this a weekend to remember!

    Kim Woodward
    Kim Woodward Sacramento
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