Sean Morse (Seattle, WA)

Sean Close UpSean Hunting Morse came to play blues music first as a lindy hopper, then as a blues dancer. Being a dancer first, Sean “gets it” when it comes to what dancers need to feel comfortable on the dance floor. Every event Sean plays is a true collaboration between performer and dancer. His improvisation is laced with wit, musicality, and always laughter, and his emceeing follows suit. Every show is one-of-a-kind, blending inspiration from the venue, the mood, and, most importantly, the dancers themselves.  He and his wonderful family have become returning members of our C4aB Family for several years running!

Calling all musicians!
Sean wants to have a Blues Jam Session!
So bring your instruments!


Jared Noble & Michael Birnbryer (Los Angeles)

Jared and Michael having been performing together as an upright bass and saxophone duo for years. They entered the Blues Dance scene in Los Angeles as dancers and were inspired to focus their musical efforts toward providing live music for Blues dancers. Both LA natives, this duo plays a mix of traditional blues, familiar melodies, and danceable grooves. They’re excited to be part of C4aB’s 10th Anniversary!

Moses Lei (San Francisco, CA)



Moses Lei is a fiddle player based out of San Francisco and will be returning for his fourth year performing on the cruise. He and his trusty violin Deanne have traveled the world bringing music to dancers and audiences, most recently in Taipei, Chiang Mai, Beijing and Denver.

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