Late Registration Ends Dec 19, 2022

  • This year we ask that all payments to Carnival be paid via credit card. Our Travel Agent, Shannon, can take your information over the phone or you can Download the Credit Card Authorization Form here  and email back to us.
  • If you only put down $100 you must wait to either find a roommate(s) or be placed with someone before we can reserve your cabin, please be aware that the cabin type you want may get sold out during that time.
  • Centrally located cabins sell out quicker. The earlier you register and put down your deposit for the entire cabin, the closer you’ll be to all the good stuff. Unless you need to get more steps in…
  • Folks requesting cabins close to each other must all register and pay at least the full cabin deposit at the same time. We can then try to book them as close together as possible. The earlier your register, the nearer you’ll all be to each other.
  • Purchasing TRAVEL INSURANCE ($49)
  • Dance/Admin Fee and T-Shirts require a separate Paypal or Check payment. 
  • For Rollovers we are asking for a donation for dance/admin fee to help us put this all together.

Dance/Admin Fee $125


We are not asking for a Dance-Admin Fee from those who are ROLLING OVER. But we would appreciate any donations you would like to give to help us organize this event. Click here for our PayPal link, Enter amount and Send.

T-Shirt Cost $20


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