(4D) Inside Dbl Upper  2 Twin Beds, No Window   $420.20/p

(4F) Inside Dbl Upper  2 Twin Beds, No Window  $430.20/pp

(6B) Ocean Dbl Upper  2 Twin Beds, Window   $465.20/p

(6C) Ocean Dbl Upper   2 Twin Beds, Window  $470.20/pp

(8B) Dbl Balcony  2 Twin Beds, Window, Balcony  $573.20 pp

Early Reg Ends 4/28/24  Dance/Admin Fee      $95 pp

Regular Reg Ends 6/23/24  Dance/Admin Fee  $115 pp

Late Reg Ends 8/18/24  Dance/Admin Fee   $135 pp

Early Bird Dance/Admin Fee ~ $95.00 + PayPal Service  Fee due upon registration

A Deposit of $150 per person is required to book your cabin. Balance of the cruise is due no later than August 16, 2024. Of course we encourage you all to PAY IN FULL if possible.

Want to book a Triple or a Quad Cabin? Please email us at Prices TBD based on your cabin choice.

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