What is the Cancellation Policy?

  • C4aB CANCELLATION BEFORE DECEMBER 18, 2019 (Final Payment)
    • 100% Refund of Cabin and Dance Fee
    • This DOES NOT INCLUDE Travel Insurance Fee ($49)
    • In the circumstance that a cabin-mate cancels before final payment, it is understood that someone else must fill the spot(s) or the remaining individual must pay the full cost of the cabin or release the cabin entirely.

    C4aB CANCELLATION AFTER  DECEMBER 18, 2019 (Final Payment)

    • No Refunds for Cabin or Dance Fee through C4aB.
    • If you purchased Travel Insurance you will get your money back (except the Insurance and Dance Fee)
    • If you did not purchase Travel Insurance, to recoup your monies you will have to sell your ticket.
    • Ticket Sales Requirements:
      • At least one original name in the cabin must remain in order to keep the cabin.
      • Otherwise, Carnival releases it  to be re-booked as a new cabin.
      • (Original Price and Availability Not Guaranteed)
      • NAME CHANGE FEE of $75 Fee paid to Carnival.

    To cancel, please write to Jenn Wong (cruisinforabluesin@gmail.com)

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