How Ever Will I Live Without Internet??


You really don’t have to…but it can be SOOO NICE!!

To keep you connected while at sea, every one of our ships provides satellite Internet access facilitated through the HUBInternet Café and through the bow-to-stern ship-wide Wi-Fi network.

What plans are offered? (new plans)

Plans that may be bought include: (prices are subject to change)

Social ($5 USD per day) – best value, great for staying connected to your favorite social networks. Does not include access to the whole internet
Value ($16 USD per day) – perfect for casual internet usage. Includes access to the whole internet, except bandwidth intensive services like Skype and music streaming
Premium ($25 USD per day) – best for heavy internet users, like Skype. Offers our fastest possible speeds
Users may easily upgrade from one plan to another. Users may use one device at a time on each plan, including either their personal devices or one of our on-board computers. Printing is offered at no charge.

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