How does the payment plan work?



(Paypal or Checks Only) Initial Deposit is $100 due immediately upon registration.
2nd payment of $150 is due no later than Oct 20, 2019.
Remaining balance is due December 18th, 2019.
(Any late payments may be considered forfeiture of your spot in the cabin.)

If you would like to lock in your cabin choice you can pay a down payment to reserve it. ($200 for Doubles, $400 for Quads) Then you can fill your cabin later on before 2nd Payment on Oct 20th. If you don’t find roomies before that, you will be required to cover their 2nd payment of $150 each person.

Those using Credit Cards must Pay In Full for Cabins and Use Paypal or Check for Dance Fee

Anyone Paying in Full will automatically have their cabin reserved (based on Carnival availability) If you register, pay in full during Early Registration you get a FREE T-SHIRT (expires July 14th, 2019)


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